Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Totem" Sculptures at the Annual Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk

Designed by local conceptual artist Marie Miller, participants painted a variety of primed cardboard boxes then stacked them onto armatures made out of irrigation pipe, brackets and wood. No two sculptures turned out the same yet all reflect the range of creativity and imagination alive in our wonderful town.

Many students, parents and even teachers from the district turned out to volunteer and participate-making the event both fun and successful. These "totems" were exhibited around town before finding their temporary home here at the District Office. We are pleased to be able to share them with you and we encourage you to join us at future SPArC events.

totem 2

Special Thanks to Dan Burr for his help and to Joel Shapiro for hosting the sculptures here. We are also grateful to Ted Shaw, Lissa Reynolds, David Margrave and to our mystery donor at the Farmer's Market for helping underwrite this event.

Margo Newman and Howard Spector

Co-Chairs, The South Pasadena Arts Council

Photos by Michael Newman Photography

Pasadena Arts Council serves as the fiscal sponsor for the South Pasadena Arts Council.