Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Homework Assignment!

At the second Arts Council meeting, Walter Zooi from South Pasadena Music Center and Conservatory collected names to form a focus group to develop a mission statement. As South Pasadena resident Ernest Dillihay, who works with the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs, said at this meeting: “Until we know where we’re going, we don’t know what size bus we need to get there!” Lisa Watson, a South Pasadena resident, co-owner of SOPA Studios and Executive Director of the Downtown Women’s Center, volunteered to facilitate a meeting to develop this mission statement. Before the focus group meets we want to hear ALL VOICES- so please take the time to answer these questions and share your ideas.

Please post them before July 27.

The questions we need feedback on, are as follows:

1. What is the purpose of the council – what do you want the council to achieve?
(Please remember your answer should not detail specific strategies. Describe in broad strokes what you would wish the council to achieve.)

2. Why do you want the council to achieve this?
(For example your response might begin “in order to” or “we believe”)

A good mission statement should accurately explain why the South Pasadena Art Council exists and what it hopes to achieve in the future. It articulates the council’s essential nature, its value and its work. Your responses to the above questions will help the steering committee to identify an appropriate mission statement.

Thanks for taking the time!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Arts Council Meeting

I can’t say thanks enough to Jeff and Lorraine Burke for hosting our second Arts Council meeting at their BurkeTriolo Studio here in South Pasadena. Their space cries “beauty” & “creativity” which was what the people attending this meeting were all about. Everyone who attended was connected to the arts; actors, dancers, artists, producers, directors, photographers, members of arts organizations, and art patrons- it felt like family! Many new faces. I had no idea there were so many creative souls in this town I have never met before. So great to be finally be meeting you all now, gathered around this collective purpose.

The first thing I noticed about this second meeting was how much larger our drum circle was! At the first meeting, I was encouraging people to participate in the drumming. At this meeting people arrived with drums and some brought extra drums to pass out to others. This time, people just naturally took a seat in the circle and starting drumming. Children joined us for the first time, which was so cool! With Munyungo guiding us, our drum circle is starting to take on a life of it’s own. It already feels like a stronger heartbeat.

The meeting that followed was great... different opinions, different point of views, all positive suggestions on how to move forward. Like the different tones and beats of our drum circle gradually coming together as one. I feel like something not only productive but exciting is going to happen... I have no idea what but I can’t wait to see! I know in our conversations we are often “preaching to the choir” but it’s so great to have the choir all in the same room! None of us with our passion for the Arts need to feel so alone- at least not in this town!

Keep blogging and sharing your ideas- large or small.

You will receive a “homework” assignment soon.

To be continued...


* Photos by Carla Larissa Fallberg