Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SPARC Art Education Advocacy YES ON S

Dear Arts Supporters, Members,
and Friends of SPARC,

As many of you know SPARC is actively engaged in support of arts and arts education in the community. As part of our plan for 2013 we will be working on supporting a more robust arts education program in SPUSD.

What you might not know is that due to the state budget crisis SPUSD last year lost the visual arts teacher at the elementary schools. The music and drama teachers were spared because the residents supported Measure S, which supplemented the SPUSD budget. This measure will expire in June.  The YES ON S committee is working hard to renew this measure and ensure that several positions, including the music and drama teachers will not be eliminated.

SPARC will be taking an official position in support of this measure and hope that many of you will support the initiative when it comes time to vote (February and March).

If you are interested in being a part of the advocacy effort and join us for a Donor Reception on January 25th, please visit SPARC-Arts-Education-Advocacy for more information.