Thursday, April 29, 2010

Artists On Display At SPARC Temporary Contemporary Gallery

SPARC Temporary Contemporary Gallery, at 909 El Centro St., is a must see destination on Saturday. This newly built commercial space will debut as an art gallery featuring the works of local artists Liz Reday and Catherine Ellen Money, Kirk Miller, Nathan Rohlander, Amy Runyen, Alice Simpson, Marie Switzer, Susan Singer, Connie Rohman and many others . Most of the works will be available for acquisition.

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Here are just some of the artists on display! Make sure you stop by to see these and the many other amazing works of art.

A lifelong career artist, Liz Reday holds a Master's Degree from the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been featured in numerous shows and collections in several countries, including Australia, Great Britain and Japan.

Liz Reday spent her childhood in rural Japan before moving to Southern California. She had a solo show at the Kerry Schuh Gallery, Newport Beach. David Hockney at UC Irvine, sent her to London. A recent trip to India & the L.A. River have been recent inspirations for her oils on canvas.

Photographic artist and poet. Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA. Several images from THE PLANET PARADISE COLLECTION will be on exhibit.

Artist's Statement: PLANET PARADISE speaks to the intimate moments in my life. Vibrant and enigmatic, the imagery pokes at the subconscious, transporting the viewer into a world of energy, color and light. Expressed in mythical proportions, on a metallic substrate, the imagery invites the viewer to linger and consider our emotional response to our natural world.


With a background in fashion illustration, it is by instinct that I search for the line that graces form, hair and fabric; to capture the quality of watercolor washes; to reveal how light and shadows create drama. Coil built, pushed, pulled, carved, and hollowed to one quarter thickness, my works are detailed into expression and each contains a secret. The larger operatic works are inspired by suspended emotional moments of sound and expression.

Portrait of the Artist as Queen Elizabeth 1, with her sideways glance and ironic expression, and Portrait of the Artist As Sarah Palin, including her ubiquitous wink, are intended as satiric representations of their time and place in history.


About the artist! 1 year, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Fine Arts Dept./ 4 years, Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles/ 24 years, TV and Print advertising Art Director / 23 years Freelance Illustrator, creating art for print ads, TV commercials and book publishers / 12 years fine art painting! My name is Barry Wetmore and I live in, of all places...South Pasadena, California! Tah Dah!


Started drawing since she was 2 years of age. Would make her own story books with folded sheets or paper stapled together like a book to read to her little brother Leo. At age 4-6 she would sketch and design fashion models. Then was fascinated with Japanese anime would make up her own characters using pen, pencil and ink. Cecilia now 18 years has displayed her art work at, The Pomona Arts Colony, exhibition at Bunny Gunner Gallery, SoHo Gallery, and 5ifty Bucks gallery in Pomona.


Started drawing at the age of 2 immitating his older sister Ceci by watching her and amazingly had the same artistic talent. Since Kindergarten he was chosen to design the schools calendar for the year and every year after that. Leo's medium is also pen, pencil and ink. He is extremely fascinated in Robots and machinary. He draws every piece by thought and imagination. Leonardo now at age 13 has displayed his art work at, 5ifty Bucks Gallery with his sister.


Harry Lieberman, who paints representational landscapes, began his art career at High School of Music and Art in New York City and has taken workshops with M. Stephen Doherty, Ross Merrill and Scott Christensen. He has been most influenced by JMW Turner and the artists of the Hudson River School.


Kirk's education and experience cover a wide spectrum of art and art activity. He has a background in art history, several years experience as a Post-Conceptual artist, twenty three years full-time teaching experience at Cerritos College, and has instructed survey courses as well as courses specifically devoted to painting, electronic imaging, and installation or experimental art.

Kirk received an M.F.A. in painting from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1987, a B.F.A. in illustration in 1979, and in 1973, and received a B.A. in art history from the University of California, Berkeley, CA. He has been a professor of art at Cerritos College since 1988 and has been an adjunct professor at CSU, Long Beach and CSU, Northridge as well.

Description of Artwork

Something About Nothing or No Thing

My works of art are “spacers.” They are the gaps between words, the interval between notes, the expanse between things, the thoughts between thoughts. Put simply, they represent the “space in between.” Some time ago, while pondering the notion of nothing I came upon this quote, which for me succinctly describes what I’m trying to do and say.

“We start, then, with nothing, pure zero. But this is not the nothing of negation. For not means other than, and other is merely a synonym of the ordinal numeral second. As such it implies a first; while the present pure zero is prior to every first. The nothing of negation is the nothing of death, which comes second to, or after, everything. But this pure zero is the nothing of not having been born. There is no individual thing, no compulsion, outward nor inward, no law. It is the germinal nothing, in which the whole universe is involved or foreshadowed. As such, it is absolutely undefined and unlimited possibility --boundless possibility. There is no compulsion and no law. It is boundless freedom.”

Charles S. Peirce, “Logic of Events” (1898)


Marie Switzer-Miller is a local resident of South Pasadena and is currently moving in a new and exciting direction with her art. During the past twenty years Marie has worked as a concept designer and art director for the global leaders of themed entertainment, including BRC Imagination Arts and Walt Disney Imagineering. Marie’s new works of art, which were recently in South Pasadena at SPACE in a show titled “Textiles on the Edge,” offer a fresh and unconventional approach to the use of natural materials and techniques. Marie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial/Environmental Design, with honors, from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1987. In 1995, she returned to Art Center as an instructor and taught “Environments for Entertainment,” and Woodbury University in Burbank. She has taught at SPEF and SPACE in South Pasadena as well.

Description of Artwork:
My current works of art deal with a variety of issues, ranging from those of personal sensory and memory to grief and release, and are made of a variety of natural materials, such as hemp, to fallen pods gathered from the base of wisteria vines. Evidence of my strong formal education in design is clearly present in my artwork. In the work titled “Disentanglement in Crossing the Red Sea,” the composition is reminiscent of an early Malevich, but that is where similarity ends. Process is also an important component to my artwork. Most of my art is very labor intensive. Meticulously tying hundreds of hemp threads can provide a space, a mental opening if you will, for me on the one hand, but can also serve to help facilitate memories on the other and aid in moving the artwork forward in an unanticipated direction helping to give it a life of its own. Some of these new works of art were recently exhibited.

Liz & Catherine, curators in front of SPARC gallery space.